By utilizing GoPlaySave we have found many wonderful restaurants and activities to do in the triangle area. After utilizing the GoPlaySave coupons we have returned to the restaurants many times and they have become our go to restaurants. We continue to give GoPlaySave books to new neighbors to the triangle area, and they are thrilled to go exploring. Of course we point out some of our favorite restaurants. Additionally, we thank the restaurants for supporting our local schools with their fundraising efforts.

- Gary A.

I went to Pomodoro’s Italian Kitchen because your coupon book. The food was delicious and the service was terrific. My family is already planning a return trip this week.

- Deborah M.

Have loved GoPlaySave for helping me find new restaurants I would not normally go to… btw… you have made me a chicken salad chick junkie… also, as a fundraising chair for many years at olive chapel elementary, I have found your book to reign supreme and feel like you guys give back to the schools in a very generous way. Been a buyer of your book for 10 years now, and get every penny back and learn about new restaurants, which is clutch.

- Jennifer D.

My husband & I love to try new restaurants. By looking in the GoPlaySave book we have found some really great new places. We have returned to several of these places even without a coupon.

- Keri M.

My family has been buying the GoPlaySave Raleigh for several years now and LOVES it! It's a great way to discover new places and things to do in the area on top of having discounts for those places!!

- Oscar M.

We love GoPlaySave !! Can't beat those deals and the books make great gifts too:)

- Mary Jo H.

Our family loves the GoPlaySave book. I buy one for our kids and their families every Christmas.

- Lynn S.

I've saved money with GoPlaySave by keeping it in the slot on the driver's side door of my car, so I can always check it when I'm out and about!

- Greg W.

I bought 4 GoPlaySave books, since they save our family so much money!

- Chris B.

We love our GoPlaySave - always stays in the car so we can use it when we go out! Our favorites are coupons to eat out, for trips to the grocery store, drug store, for haircuts, car washes and movies!! Thanks GoPlaySave!

- Karen C.

We love GoPlaySave. Had it one year and then got a different "brand" the next time. Will ALWAYS get the GoPlaySave from now on... it's far superior than other brands. I currently have the 2011 and 2012 books and check them every time i get out of the car... there's a coupon for every occasion! PS... we love the Railhawks too!

- Kari K.

Love GoPlaySave.. use at least once a week.. easy sell. Kroger alone had 4 $5 dollar coupons...then the BOGO Hurricanes tickets saved $50 bucks alone on 4 tickets.. countless free meals, Bulls games... Thanks GoPlaySave!

- Todd K.

I love this book! We actually plan our weekend around the coupons in the book...saves a ton of money and we get to go to new places!

- Charlene G.

Love our GoPlaySave books! We keep one in each car so we always have them handy and save more than the cost of the book many times over!

- Carolyn N.

I have used the card at Monkey Joe's and the book for Mcdonalds afterwards! Great savings, I love the card idea!

- Beth H.

Just love it.. discover new places.. pay less.. enjoy more :)

- Reza J.

I recently used the GoPlaySave Raleigh to help celebrate my husband's birthday. I used a coupon to get a buy-one get-one @ IHOP. We both enjoyed a large stack of pancakes. THANKS GREATER RALEIGH GoPlaySave. I was able to use that saved $$ to upgrade his gift :)

- Megan S.

The first day we bought it, we used 2 of the $10 off coupons at Dick's to buy backpacks for school. Then we used 2 at McDonald's for a free Frappe and a Free Sandwich. We made our money back on our first trip out!

- Debbie J.

With a large family any savings is welcomed. With GoPlaySave we save at our favorite places and have even tried new places because of GoPlaySave. I don't think we would have went into Dickey's BBQ without a GoPlaySave coupon and it was better than some most places around here. Thanks GoPlaySave!!

- Dawn D.

We save money all the time! :) We love the coupons to Homegrown Pizza, Sonic, Jersey Mike's, Subway, and much, much more!

- Nichole B.

I saved money at Dicks Sporting Goods!!! Kids + Sports + Dicks = GoPlaySave coupons!

- Wendy J.

We saved money using our GoPlaySave coupons by using the Railhawks coupon to take my daughter to a game. She loved it & we saved money at the same time!!!

- Nancy P.

We tried the Brasa Steakhouse last night as a result of GoPlaySave and LOVED IT!! We never would have tried it without you! Thanks GoPlaySave!!

- Jeff K.

GoPlaySave is great! When we are going out we always look to see if there are any deals in the book or online. We recenlty went to Dixie Belles and used our coupon there for a really great deal. We also saved money recently using a coupon at Zaxby's. This book is definately worth the money!

- Cathy B.

Easiest fundraiser there is. The books practically sell themselves. Plus Ryan and Holly are great to work with.

- Cheryl M.

I love my GoPlaySave book!

- Michelle Z.

Love GoPlaySave Coupons!!

- Stephanie H.

I love the Kroger coupons!!!! $5 off $50....LOVE IT!!!

- Sabrina P.

Awesome coupon book!!

- Karen A.

Great Savings!

- Barbara D.

Great coupon book- you can really rake in the deals!

- Pam A.