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Frequently Asked Questions

I just placed an order, why didn't I get an email confirmation?

  • Your confirmation email may be in a spam or junk mail filter.
  • You may have mistyped your email address. Send us an email with your name and address and correct email address and we'll adjust that.

Do I need to download anything to my phone?

  • No, this is a mobile website, nothing is stored on your phone.

Why can't I login?

  • You may have cookies disabled. In order to login you must have your phone set to accept cookies from sites you visit.
  • Autofill may be interfering with your login. Try disabling autofill and re-entering your information.

Do I need a wireless or cell connection to use the digital book?

  • Yes.

Does the mobile book have the same deals that the book has?

  • Of the merchants in the printed book, all but a few chose not to participate in the mobile book. 
  • With the mobile book we have the ability to add new merchants at anytime throughout the year. Make sure you subscribe to get updates when new merchants are added.

Will the mobile book work on any smart phone?

  • Yes, because it is a mobile website it will work on any mobile device that has a standard web browser.

Why can't I find places around me?

  • Reload the page, your location services may not have found your exact location in time for the initial page load.
  • Your location services may be disabled. Review your phone's system settings and make sure your location services are enabled and active on your web browser.
  • There may not be any offers near you.

GoPlaySave Mobile

Deals from the GoPlaySave coupon book available for use on your smartphone * . This is a separate product from the book and purchases separately.

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* Some merchants opt to offer additional or alternate deals through the mobile. Some merchants opt out of GoPlaySave Mobile. To check deal availability, see the mobile web app at http://m.goplaysavetriangle.com.